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soren: Will fight to the last drop of blood: Hemant Soren

Claiming that “satanic forces” were trying to destabilize his democratically elected government, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said on Friday he would fight to the last drop of his blood. Addressing a government function in Latehar, Soren said he was not worried as he had been given the mandate to rule the state by the people and not by his opponents.

“Unable to compete with us politically, our opponents abuse constitutional institutions. They use ED, CBI, Lokpal and the Income Tax Department to destabilize our government. been entrusted by the opponents but by the people,” he said.

“The state has suffered the situation of COVID-19 for two years. Now, as we accelerate our pace of development, satanic forces have come out of their holes to impose a blockade at our speed. Such forces can do anything but can never stop me from doing work for my people,” he said.

On the program, Soren inaugurated and laid the groundwork for several projects worth around Rs 231.27 crore.

“I am the son of a tribe and fear is not in the DNA of a tribe. I will fight until the last drop of blood in my body,” he said.

Soren claimed that a “gang of outside forces” was active in Jharkhand.

“This gang had been working to destroy the state for the past 20 years. When they were dethroned in 2019, the conspirators couldn’t tolerate it. If we stay here, they’re going to have a tough time ahead of them,” said he declared.

“We are not greedy for power. We are here under a constitutional system just to work for the welfare of the people. Did anyone ever think that every old, widowed and single woman would get a pension? was made possible by your son with your blessings,” the premier said.

Soren said his government has urged the Center to allow more funds to give pension to people in the state as Jharkhand is poor.

“But, they didn’t sanction. It’s a group of traders. They know how to take but not give,” he said.

The chief minister also hit Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Draupadi Murmu.

“It is unfortunate that on World Tribes Day (August 9), the Prime Minister and the Tribal Chairman of the country did not even see fit to extend their best wishes to the tribal society of the country. In their eyes, we are not ‘adivasis’ (tribals) but ‘vanvasis’ (forest dwellers),” he said.

The electoral commission on Thursday sent its recommendation to Governor Ramesh Bais on a plea seeking the disqualification of Soren as an MP for violating electoral standards by extending a mining lease to himself.

The BJP, the petitioner in the case, sought Soren’s disqualification for violating Section 9(A) of the Representation of the People Act 1951, which deals with disqualification for government contracts.

According to Raj Bhavan’s sources, the governor is expected to respond to the election commission’s recommendation on Saturday.