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High Court orders government to appoint administrator to lead MPs Nursing Board

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh ordered the state government to appoint an administrator to lead the MP Nursing Council after observing that the information provided to the HC by the regulatory body was incorrect.

The HC, in a ruling on Tuesday, also said the Registrar of the Board of Nursing would be immediately suspended subject to further court orders. The order came on a PIL which raised the issue of lack of infrastructure in nursing schools in the state, especially those located in tribal areas, the petitioner’s attorney said. After taking into account the photographs presented by the applicant’s lawyer, the court observed that in some places only sheds were shown as nursing schools. The (state) government is instructed to appoint an administrator immediately to head the Deputies Nursing Board, subject to further orders of this court,” a two-member bench consisting of Chief Justice Ravi Malimath and Judge Vishal Mishra in his order. The order stated: The Registrar will deliver all documents and materials to the Administrator. Looking at the affidavit filed in court today (Tuesday) along with previous affidavits and documents on file, it would indicate the involvement of the Registrar (MP Nursing Council) in providing incorrect information to the court,” said the HC. The bench observed that various documents which are far from the truth are filed in court. The statements made by the Clerk of the Council on affidavit are proven to be false through the petitioner’s affidavits, the court heard. This is a very serious matter, the court said. “However, the Registrar seems to take it casually. The affidavits filed by the Registrar may be dubious. Accordingly, we are of the view that the Registrar is responsible to a very large extent for the current state of affairs,” observed the judges. The HC said the careers of nursing students are at risk and acts of omission and commission cannot be accepted. The students’ careers are in jeopardy because of his acts of omission and commission (Council Registrar). The goal is to find the truth. But if the truth is suppressed, appropriate corrective actions are needed. Confidence in the courts can be undermined if such actions are condoned,” the court said in its order. , subject to further orders of this court. Various declarations are made therein as well as documents which have been annexed thereto. One of the statements is that 49 colleges have recently been recognized by the Council. The HC said that the photographs submitted by the petitioner’s lawyer reveal a shocking situation. We have seen the photographs. The same is quite shocking. There are certain sheds which have been shown as colleges. There’s a broken room with some ships that would be the lab. Photograph of a huge college structure is also in production. However, there is a plastic sign indicating that it is one of the nursing colleges. The same is true for photographs of certain other colleges, the court observed. g Council Counsel Swapnil Ganguly has asked the court for more time to submit a report regarding developments regarding the colleges’ infrastructure, affiliation and action to be taken by them, among other issues. The PIL was filed by attorney Vishal Baghel.

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