Online personal loan with restriction: Where and how to do it?

There are many criteria that help an institution decide whether to release the credit requested by a client, and due to their financial reputation, citizens with CPF restrictions, the so-called “dirty name” end up being harmed, and are often unable to obtain credit.

This difficulty is in one of the processes in which banking institutions adopt to make sure that the customer will be able to pay for the service being requested. Therefore, if the applicant has a restricted name, banks and companies understand that he is not a good payer with his expenses.

Despite this, there are still credit options available to this audience. However, an aggravating factor may be interest rates, which often, to offset the risks of freeing money to defaulters, tend to be much higher in relation to conventional credits.


Where to do the restricted personal loan online?

personal loan online?

Specialized credit platforms usually offer different types of credit for those with restrictions.

This is the case of CredForce, which, despite having one of the highest rates in the financial market for personal loans (21.06% per month, according to the Best Bank, provides credit to those with a dirty name or still retired and INSS pensioners.The institution ranked first, Best Bank operates in partnership with different banks. After analyzing your profile, the website gives you feedback with several loan proposals. Its objective is to facilitate the comparison between the proposals, helping the client to close a good deal.

It is important to highlight that credit analysis is done in the same way, in order to assess the size of the client’s debt. For this reason, approval of the requested limit is not guaranteed and will depend on your credit analysis.


Other loan options for those with name restrictions

Other loan options for those with name restrictions

There are still other alternatives besides the online personal loan. This is the case of the property secured loan, in which it is possible to request the necessary amount and be approved with greater ease, in addition to guaranteeing more attractive interest rates.


Property secured loan

secured loan

With the property secured loan, it is possible to have access to higher values ​​and terms, with lower interest rates. To join this modality, it is necessary to place a property, commercial or residential, as a guarantee for the payment of the debt, with the possibility of obtaining credit of up to 60% of its value, to pay in up to 30 years.

By having a guarantee, this type of credit has interest rates that hardly exceed 2% per month. But, in any case, it is necessary to plan financially before hiring him. This is due to the fact that the possibility that the financial institution that lent the money may take your asset from the fiduciary alienation, in case the installments of the loan with property guarantee are not paid correctly.



money loan

In the same way as the loan with property guarantee, the pledge method uses strategies that demand certain guarantees, as a form of security, and avoid default.

For that, it is necessary to leave a valuable asset as a guarantee of payment of the debt. After that, interest rates remain attractive and hardly exceed 2% per month. It is possible to obtain credit of up to 85% of the value of the asset left as collateral.

But just as in the previous modality, it is necessary to pay the installments of the debt on time to prevent the asset left as collateral from being in the possession of the financial institution that lent the money.

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