How long does the bank online credit take?

The Cream Bank Online loan – the “how-for-me-made-loan” – is applied for and paid out at lightning speed. This loan was constructed in accordance with its name so that it adapts to the individual life situation of a borrower. There are helpful options for loaning Cream Bank that help borrowers feel safe at all times. Of course, the interested parties wonder how long it takes for the Cream Bank online loan to be paid out.

Cream Bank online credit: duration from application to payment

Cream Bank online credit: duration from application to payment

The application for a Cream Bank online loan is instantaneous. The interested parties first go to the Cream Bank website and go there to apply for a loan after having studied the advantages that an online loan from Cream Bank offers them. Applying for the loan only takes a few minutes.

Customers simply enter their credit request and the term, they can also decide when they want to pay the first installment. Most borrowers only want to do this 59 days after the payment, because in this way they enjoy an almost two-month repayment-free phase, in which they can spend the money to their heart’s content, but not yet repay the online loan from Cream Bank.

Then only a few details about the profession and the financial circumstances have to be given, and applicants can send their loan request online to Cream Bank. There, the internal computing modules check this credit request and usually send the applicant a response within 30 seconds. The application for an online loan at Cream Bank is as quick as this.

The fast payment with the online loan of the Cream Bank

The fast payment with the online loan of the Cream Bank

The applicant now only has to send a few documents to the bank, including his proof of income (salary or pension notification, tax), bank statements, possibly a guarantee declaration and possibly – if required – evidence of collateral such as a home (land register extract), a well-capitalized life insurance policy (copy of the policy) or a large amount of savings (copy of the savings book or letter). Guarantees and proof of security are not always required.

The signed loan application is also part of the documents, the applicant manages all of this at Swiss Post, legitimizes himself there with a personal document and lets the documents go through the Postident procedure.

As soon as these papers have arrived at Cream Bank, another employee takes a quick look at them, compares everything with the online application and immediately issues the money. Post and bank mail take one day each. The money can already be credited to the customer’s account on the third day after the first online application. This means that Cream Bank’s online credit really doesn’t take long.

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